Review of Battle #2

Hubert O'Hearn has written a colorful review of Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 2, saying that the collection is "a perfect snapshot of our imperfect times. Before D. Harlan Wilson chose to check out of the Hotel California with a bullet to the head, Hunter S. Thompson chose to describe our time as the Age of Doom. Wilson provides the play-by-play of the game of Doom. Rape, death, terrorism, paranoia, monsters, impersonality, secret police and the false imaging of TV and movies—they are all here. These stories—or chainsaw sections of a violent conveyor belt—force readers into thinking along the same paths or rivers as Wilson. This is the most dangerous journey since Ronny Cox plopped up, arm askew, from the river in the movie version of James Dickey's Deliverance." Read the full review here. It will also be published in San Diego Book Review.