Marketing Copy

Here is the preliminary marketing copy for my upcoming book on J.G. Ballard for University of Illinois Press's Modern Masters of Science Fiction series. A formal press release will be available soon from the publisher.

Lethem on Ballard

Jonathan Lethem has written an outstanding blurb for my upcoming book on J.G. Ballard for University of Illinois Press's Modern Masters of Science Fiction series:

"A new comprehensive standard. Wilson's insights reach to the furthest ends of J.G. Ballard's bookshelf, complicate easy assumptions about the location of the 'autobiographical' in his novels, and, best of all, assert that if there is a Science Fiction worth advancing into the 21st Century, Ballard is at the center, not the periphery, of that project."

Review Copies

Paperback and kindle desk copies of my latest fiction collection, Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 1 & 2, are available for interested reviewers. In 2017, both volumes will be published in one edition as Battles without Honor or Humanity, which includes an additional, Pushcart Prize-nominated novellette.

Review of Battle #2

Hubert O'Hearn has written a colorful review of Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 2, saying that the collection is "a perfect snapshot of our imperfect times. Before D. Harlan Wilson chose to check out of the Hotel California with a bullet to the head, Hunter S. Thompson chose to describe our time as the Age of Doom. Wilson provides the play-by-play of the game of Doom. Rape, death, terrorism, paranoia, monsters, impersonality, secret police and the false imaging of TV and movies—they are all here. These stories—or chainsaw sections of a violent conveyor belt—force readers into thinking along the same paths or rivers as Wilson. This is the most dangerous journey since Ronny Cox plopped up, arm askew, from the river in the movie version of James Dickey's Deliverance." Read the full review here. It will also be published in San Diego Book Review.

Cover for Battles

Here's the cover for Battles without Honor or Humanity. It will be published in 2017 by Raw Dog Screaming Press and include all stories from volumes 1 and 2 plus an additional, Pushcart Prize-nominated story. Designed by the incomparable Bradley Sharp.

Pushcart Prize

I'm proud to announce that my story "Sacrosanctum" has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. The story was first published this Fall in issue 49 of Fiction International. It will be reprinted as a supplementary fiction in Battles without Honor or Humanity, which brings together both volumes of my latest fiction collection and will be published in early 2017 by Raw Dog Screaming Press. Each volume contains 15 stories so there will be 31 in Battles.


Last week I received a grant from Wright State University-Lake Campus to fund the operations of Anti-Oedipus Press in 2017. Details are available on the AOP blog.

Primacy at Rutgers

Recently I discovered that my play Primacy will be directed by a senior theatre major at Rutgers University-Camden. The show will run for four performances in early December. It is part of RUC's annual Student-Directed One-Act Play Festival.

Primacy appears in my collectoin of dramas Three Plays, which was published earlier this year by Black Scat Books. Read it online in Issue 58 of The Cafe Irreal.

Divine Madness

My latest review for Los Angeles Review of Books is on Kyle Arnold's The Divine Madness of Philip K. Dick. I hate writing bad reviews, but this book got under my skin, although I think PKD fans and scholars will like parts of it. Here's my verdict:

"The book seems to have little reason for being beyond capitalizing on the growing popularity of PKD’s life and works. It is not a moral treatise on the dangers of drug abuse. Arnold doesn’t offer any new material that Lawrence Sutin, Paul Williams, and Emmanuel Carrère haven’t already delivered in better formats from more compelling angles. His final deduction—that 2-3-74 and The Exegesis stemmed from PKD having “a spiritual opening that resulted in a powerful yet temporary transcendence of his problems in living,” rather than a schizoaffective hallucination—doesn’t merit a book-length exegesis. Rather than illuminate anything novel or interesting about PKD, The Divine Madness of Philip K. Dick reveals, instead, Arnold’s own shortcomings as a critic and analyst."

Read the full review here.


Please join me on Tuesday, September 20, at 7 p.m. for a reading from my upcoming fiction collection, Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 2, followed by Q&A. The event is sponsored by Raw Dog Screaming Press and accessible via WebinarJam. Register here.

Battle #2 Giveaway

Enter the second Goodreads giveaway for an autographed copy of my upcoming fiction collection, Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 2, which will run until the end of August. Coming from Raw Dog Screaming Press in late September.

Empires of the Self

Compliments of Rick McGrath, here's the artwork for my essay in Deep Ends: The J.G. Ballard Anthology 2016, coming soon from The Terminal Press. The essay is an abridged version of a chapter in my upcoming book on Ballard, which will be part of University of Illinois Press's Modern Masters of SF series.

Battle #2 Preorders

Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 2 is now available for preorder from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and directly from Raw Dog Screaming Press. If you are interested in reviewing my new fiction collection, query me for a desk copy.

Dog Con 5

Raw Dog Screaming Press's fifth annual writing convention, DogCon, will be held at Broadkill Resort this year. I will be in attendence, staying down the street at the apporpriately titled Dogfish Inn, the motel of Dogfish Head Brewery. I can't think of a better locale.

CFP: Essays on the Evil Dead

Please consider submitting to this Call for Papers. The anthology will include a revised, updated version of my essay on Army of Darkness, "Schizophy of the Medieval Dead," which originally appeared in Technologized Desire: Selfhood & the Body in Postcapitalist Science Fiction and Journal of Popular Culture. I still think it's the best critical essay I've ever written.

CFP: ESSAYS ON THE EVIL DEADCall for chapter contributions to an edited anthology. Abstracts of 400 words may be submitted anytime before September 15, 2016. Chapters of 3000-7000 words will be due January 15, 2017.

Essays on The Evil Dead is an academic anthology, edited by Ron Riekki and Jeffrey A. Sartain, examining the extended legacy of one of the all-time great horror motion pictures. Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Slant, and a long list of any magazine that makes lists include The Evil Dead as one of the masterpieces of horror cinema. With the 2013 remake of the film, the 2015 debut of the new Ash vs. Evil Dead television series, the musical, and the ongoing comic series, the Evil Dead franchise is more popular than ever, demanding, more than ever, critical examination and explanation for fans and critics alike. One of the top grossing independent films of all time, the original The Evil Dead, made by Michigan natives Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell, sparked a worldwide cult following that has resulted in sequels, remakes, musicals, comic books, conventions, video games, and a wildly successful television series on Starz, now filming its second season. Essays on The Evil Dead gives a variety of theoretical perspectives, including feminist film theory, Marxist film theory, psychoanalytical film theory, materialist theories of adaptation, and more.

The editors seek essays of 3000-7000 words on any aspect of The Evil Dead films and media franchise:

  • Film and television studies essays related to The Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead II (1987), Army of Darkness (1992), Evil Dead (2013), and/or Ash vs. Evil Dead (2015- ) such as horror, comedy, affect, corporeality, embodiment, materiality, gender studies, psychoanalysis, production and distribution, cinematography and technology, history of cinema, independent film, media franchises, sequels, adaptations, long form television, or others.
  • Essays about comics and graphic narratives as well as issues related to adaptation that are related to any of the numerous Evil Dead/Army of Darkness comics by a variety of publishers.
  • Essays on video games, gaming narratives, and adaptations into games of any of the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness video games.
  • Essays related to Evil Dead: The Musical, drama, adaptation, theater and performance studies.
  • Essays related to the various toys, miniatures, collectibles, and other material ephemera associated with the Evil Dead franchise.
  • The editors are also open to projects with any other emphases that are related to the Evil Dead media franchise.

The anthology is under contract and will be released in 2017. Please submit abstracts of up to 400 words anytime before September 15, 2016 to Completed essays of 3000-7000 words will be due January 15, 2017.

Battle #2 ARCs

Advance reader copies of Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 2 arrived this morning! It looks terrific. Thanks, as always, to John Edward Lawson, Jennifer Barnes, and the Raw Dog Screaming Press team. I'm giving away 10 autographed copies to anybody who is interested in writing a review. Query me via email.

Battles Giveaway

The first Goodreads giveaway for an autographed copy of Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 2 will run from July 11-31. Winners will also receive a signed copy of the first volume. Each collection includes fifteen irreal stories. Enter the giveaway here.

Preorders for Battle #2 are being taken at Amazon and directly from the publisher.

Battle #2 Press Release

Here is the press release for Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 2. Paperback ARCs will be available soon. If you are interested in reviewing an electronic ARC, email me.

Stories in this collection originally appeared in Fiction International, Black Scat Review, Rampike, Kugelmass, Heavy Feather Review, EmanationsFantastique Unfettered and elsewhere.

Best Books of 2016

Earlier this year, Black Scat Books published my first book of plays. Cultured Vultures has selected it as one of the best books (so far) in 2016, calling it "hilarious, intelligent, and just fun to read." They also include James Reich's brilliant prelude to Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, Mistah Kurtz.

Mark Amerika

One of my favorite authors, Mark Amerika, has this to say about Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 2:

"D. Harlan Wilson has found a new language festering on the dark side of the moon."

Coming in September from Raw Dog Screaming Press.

J.G. Ballard

Here's the table of contents for my upcoming biocritical study of J. G. Ballard for University of Illinois Press's Modern Masters of Science Fiction Series. Not set in stone, but pretty close. A lot of folks helped me with this book over the last few years and will be thoroughly acknowledged via words and wine. You know who you are—thanks again.


Birth & Parents
Prewar Shanghai
“Return” to England
Odd Jobs & the Royal Air Force
Writing Career & Family Life
Later Life & Death

The Voices of Time
The Terminal Beach
Vermillion Sands
Myths of the Near Future
War Fever

A Means to a Beginning: The Wind from Nowhere
Landscapes of Decline & Desire: The Drowned World, The Drought & The Crystal World

A Postmodern Turn: The Atrocity Exhibition
Technologies of the Present: Crash, Concrete Island & High-Rise

Jack-of-all-Ballards: The Unlimited Dream Company
Empires of the Son: Empire of the Sun & The Kindness of Women

On the Death of Futurity
Specters of Culture in Nature: Hello America, The Day of Creation & Rushing to Paradise
Zones of Terror and Ennui: Running Wild, Cocaine Nights, Super-Cannes, Millennium People & Kingdom Come



Call for Reviewers

Here is the current list of books received by Extrapolation. If you are interested in reviewing of one of these titles, email me at As always, if we have not worked together before, please tell me about yourself (i.e., fields of study, former publications, etc.). Have a great summer!

Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock and Carl H. Sederholm, eds. The Age of Lovecraft.

Gerald Alva Miller, Jr. Understanding William Gibson.

Ewa Mazierska & Alfredo Suppia, eds. Red Alert: Marxist Approaches to Science Fiction Cinema.


The script for my play "Primacy" appears in the latest issue of The Cafe Irreal. It's one of three plays in my new collection from Black Scat Books and will be performed later this year in Boston at the UFORGE Gallery.

Battle #2 Jacket

Here's the full jacket for Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 2 beautifully designed by Bradley Sharp. Advance reader copies will be available soon. Coming from Raw Dog Screaming Press in September.

The Sand Men

My latest review in LARB is on Christopher Fowler's new novel The Sand Men. Verdict:

"Ballard devotees and scholars may be let down by The Sand Men, which, while powerfully written and not altogether derivative, is a conventional narrative tailored for a mainstream readership. For me, the novel could have been significantly enhanced by a use of inner spatial tactics and aesthetics or at least a more innovative exploration of the protagonist’s psychological vicissitudes. Such an approach, however, would likely veer Fowler away from the safe house of his target audience."

Read the entire review here.

New Reviews of Three Plays

Hubert O'Hearn has written a terrific review of my new book of plays for San Diego Book Review. My favorite line:

"Wilson is the Loki of modern American letters, the spiritual love child of Rosa Luxemburg and Groucho Marx, taking the piss out of readers through a glorious embrace of the absurd."

Read the full review here.

There is another new review in Culture Vultures in which Ben Arzate calls Three Plays "hilarious, memorable, absurd, and just plain fun to read."

SFRA Review

There's a great review of my cultography on They Live in the latest issue of SFRA Review. Verdict: 

"This works as an academic-ish text with much to offer students and scholars who have at least an introductory knowledge of cult and/or literary criticism. It carves out a niche in cult studies, standing as an example of enthusiastic, informed scholarship. Cult film scholars, especially those working in SF, horror, or Carpenter’s oeuvre, must seek this book out."

Three Plays

The paperback edition of my new (and first) book of plays is now out. Thanks again to Derek Pell and Black Scat Books! Also thanks to everybody who entered the Goodreads giveaway for a free autographed copy. If you're interested in writing a review on Amazon, Goodreads or elsewhere, email me.

Verbicide Review of Battle #1

Gabino Iglesias has written a superb review of Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 1 for Verbicide Magazine. The gist:

"D. Harlan Wilson’s work is like a movie directed by the love child of Jean-Claude Van Damme and Jacques Lacan if he grew up on a steady diet of action movies, bodybuilding shows, and dense philosophical texts."

Read the full review here.

Goodreads Giveaway for Three Plays

The February Goodreads giveaway for an autographed copy of my upcoming book of plays is live. It will run until the end of the month.

Press Release for Three Plays

The press release for my upcoming book of plays is now available on Black Scat Books's website. If you are interested in reviewing the book, email the publisher at or me directly at for an advance reviewer copy.

Three Plays

Here is the page for my upcoming book of plays on my website. It includes an excerpt from the last play, "Primacy," which will be performed in Boston later this year.

The Dark Hypotenuse

"SCHIZE: This one-act schematism involves a middle-aged man with a hangover who accidentally steps into what may or may not be the Lacanian Real. The stage is a thick black rhombus that hovers in the middle of the theater. The floor is a maze of trap doors through which actors may enter or exit. Some of the trap doors swing open whereas others slide or fall open. Giant mechanical arms extend from underneath of the stage. At the end of each arm is a gondola that sits up to ten spectators. Throughout the performance, the arms are in constant motion and move the audience all over the theater so that each gondola achieves a fluid multiperspectivalism as it glides east to west, north to south, accomplishing close-ups and bird’s-eye views and everything in between. . . . The Lacanian Real is the impossible, impenetrable realm around which the world turns like a berserk Möbius strip. Together with the orders of the Imaginary and the Symbolic, the Real completes a triangulation of intra-psychic phenomena that take their cue from Freud’s theories of infantile sexuality, the Oedipal phase, and disentombing unconscious flows of desire via the technology of language. The Imaginary constitutes the realm of the ego and the specular image, functioning as a platform for their dual relationship, which perpetually unfolds across the Mind’s Screen, whereas the Symbolic involves the associative formation of signifiers and signifieds (i.e., the realm of language). Not to be confused with 'the real' a.k.a. 'reality,' the Real (with a capital R) emerges as that which cannot be represented, that which is pre-Imaginary, pre-Symbolic, or, as it were, that which contradicts the Imaginary and transcends the Symbolic while remaining intimately bound to these orders. The play is situated on the unfathomable surface of this very trauma center. . . . It should be noted that certain demographics collectively refer to the Lacanian Real as the Dark Hypotenuse." —"The Dark Hypotenuse," Three Plays

Coming in March from Black Scat Books.

Pornoterrorism: De-Aestheticising Power

My story "Repartum" appears in this new collection from editor Louis Armand and Litteraria Pragensia. It's available in kindle and paperback editions.

Eclectica Magazine Anthologies

An early story of mine will be reprinted in one of Eclectica Magazine's 20th anniversary anthologies for which the editors have set up a kickstarter campaign. Please consider supporting this project.