ARCs of Battle #1

Advance reader copies of Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 1 are available for anybody interested in writing a review of the book for a magazine, journal, Amazon, Goodreads, etc. Contact the publisher at You are also welcome to contact me directly at

Press Release for Battle #1

Here's the official press release for the first volume of Battle without Honor or Humanity, coming from Raw Dog Screaming Press in October.

Blurb for Battle #1

My favorite living fiction writer, Steve Aylett, has this to say about the first volume of my upcoming short story collection Battle without Honor or Humanity:

"D. Harlan Wilson moves so fast he strips his labels."

Aylett is the author of many novels, stories and comics. Touchstones for me are the Beerlight books, which include Slaughtermatic, Atom, Novahead and The Crime Studio. LINT, however, is his masterwork.