Extrapolation Call for Reviewers

The following titles are currently available for review in Extrapolation. Please email me at david.wilson@wright.edu with requests. As always, if we haven't worked together before, tell me a little about yourself (e.g., fields of specialty, past publications, etc.). Thanks!

Paul Kincaid, Call and Response
Timothy Shanahan, Philosophy and Blade Runner
John Clute, Stay
Susan George & Regina Hansen (eds.), Supernatural, Humanity and the Soul
Michelle Le Blanc & Colin Odell, Akira (BFI Film Classics)
Stuart D. Lee (ed.), Companion to J.R.R. Tolkien
Frenchy Lunning (ed.), Mechademia 9: Origins
Mark Bould & Rhys Williams (eds.), SF Now (Paradoxa)
Brett Rogers & Benjamin Stevens (eds.), ClassicalTraditions in Science Fiction
Brian Willems, Shooting the Moon
Alexander Dunst & Stefan Schlensag (eds.), The World According to Philip K. Dick
Jack Fennell, Irish Science Fiction
Nicholas Michaud & Jessica Watkins (eds.), Jurassic Park& Philosophy