Extrapolation Call for Reviewers

The following titles are currently available for review in Extrapolation. Please email me at david.wilson@wright.edu with requests. As always, if we haven't worked together before, tell me a little about yourself (e.g., fields of specialty, past publications, etc.). Thanks!

Paul Kincaid, Call and Response
Timothy Shanahan, Philosophy and Blade Runner
John Clute, Stay
Susan George & Regina Hansen (eds.), Supernatural, Humanity and the Soul
Michelle Le Blanc & Colin Odell, Akira (BFI Film Classics)
Stuart D. Lee (ed.), Companion to J.R.R. Tolkien
Frenchy Lunning (ed.), Mechademia 9: Origins
Mark Bould & Rhys Williams (eds.), SF Now (Paradoxa)
Brett Rogers & Benjamin Stevens (eds.), ClassicalTraditions in Science Fiction
Brian Willems, Shooting the Moon
Alexander Dunst & Stefan Schlensag (eds.), The World According to Philip K. Dick
Jack Fennell, Irish Science Fiction
Nicholas Michaud & Jessica Watkins (eds.), Jurassic Park& Philosophy

The New Urge Reader #2

Note the following call for short fiction from Black Scat Books:

Erotic Fiction by New Women Writers

We are seeking women writers with a fresh vision for a sequel to our paperback anthology of short erotic fiction. Send a query letter (with “anthology” in the subject line) to newurge@outlook.com. Please do not send manuscripts as attachments unless requested. No simultaneous submissions; our reporting time is prompt. We recommend you read the original anthology before sending a query. Here are a few writers that we admire: Marguerite Duras, Nathalie Sarraute, Alain Robbe-Grillet, André Pieyre de Mandiargues, Emmanuelle Arsan (Marayat Bibidh), Pauline Réage (Anne Desclos), Anaïs Nin, Georges Bataille, Violette Leduc, Harriet Daimler (Iris Owens), Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, Catherine Millet, Nicholson Baker, Witold Gombrowicz, and Melissa Panarello. We’re not looking for porn or another Fifty Shades of Grey, but sensual, seductive, innovative fiction.

LENGTH: 500 – 10,000 words
RIGHTS: First Rights
DEADLINE: September 30th, 2015