Blurbage for Derek Pell

Here's my blurb for Derek Pell's upcoming novel:

“Derek Pell spins words like flaming yarn from a berserk spindle. Burroughs would be proud of this one . . . but Pell’s voice is entirely his own. Naked Lunch at Tiffany's is a true work of literature.”

Get a copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Cover Reveal

Bradley Sharp has designed a superb cover for the first volume of my upcoming fiction collection Battle without Honor or Humanity. The book will be officially released by Raw Dog Screaming Press in September at DogCon 4. See more of Bradley's work at

Reader's Choice Award

The Biographizer Trilogy is on the docket for Raw Dog Screaming Press's Reader's Choice Award this year. Check out all of the titles in the running here and don't forget to vote.

Goodreads Giveaway for They Live

The Goodreads giveaway for my cultography on They Live (Columbia University Press 2015) is complete. The winner's autographed copy will be sent out today. Thanks to everybody who signed up.