Review of The Biographer Trilogy

Dean Swinford has written a nice review of The Biographizer Trilogy for Entropy Magazine. Verdict:

"Wilson offers more than a pessimistic takedown of contemporary publishing. Rather, The Biographizer Trilogy serves as a kind of analytical biography of independent publishing itself. One theme that Wilson returns to, particularly in the book 'about' Freud, is that writing itself is both a kind of repetition compulsion as well as an act that gives pleasure. In one place, Wilson tells us the work’s moral is that 'you are not special . . . [and] I am no exception.' In another, he justifies his trilogy by saying that 'It’s about me. Specifically, it’s about my experiences as a person.' The trilogy doesn’t resolve the opposition between these two statements. Rather, the tension between these two statements generates the trilogy. While we don’t actually learn much about these three exhausted historical figures, we learn something even more valuable: the ways that books are made and sold are sometimes more important than the stories they contain."

I Believe I Shall Not Die

My story "I Believe I Shall Not Die" appears in Issue #30 of Dark Discoveries. The issue also includes work from Cecilia Tan, Gary A. Braunbeck, Yvonne Navarro, Storm Constantine, John Everson, and many others. See the full table of contents here.