Call for Reviewers

The following titles are currently available for review in Extrapolation. As always, if we haven’t worked together before, please tell me about yourself (qualifications, previous publications, etc.) when you request a specific title. Requests may be submitted to me at Thanks! 

Rick McGrath (ed.), Deep Ends: The J.G. Ballard Anthology 2014
Laurence A. Rickels, Germany: A Science Fiction
D. Harlan Wilson, They Live (Cultographies)
Charles L. Adler, Wizards, Aliens & Starships: Physics & Math in Fantasy & SF
Paul Kincaid, Call and Response
Nicholas Michaud & Jessica Watkins (eds.), Jurassic Park & Philosophy
Andrew Rayment, Fantasy, Politics, Postmodernity: Pratchett, Pullman, Mievill & Stories of the Eye
Stanislaw Lem, Selected Letters to Michael Kandel
Timothy Shanahan, Philosophy & Blade Runner
James Clarke, The Cinema of James Cameron: Bodies in Heroic Motion
John Clute, Stay
Philip E. Wegner, Shockwaves of Possibility: Essays on SF, Globalization & Utopia
Susan George & Regina Hansen (eds.), Supernatural, Humanity & the Soul
Donald Palumbo & C.W. Sullivan III, The Monomyth in American SF Films
Paul McAuley, Brazil (BFI Film Classics)
Roger Luckhurst, Alien (BFI Film Classics)
Andrew Butler, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (BFI Film Classics)
Kim Newman, Quartermass & the Pit (BFI Film Classics)
Mark Bould, Solaris (BFI Film Classics)
Barry Forshaw, The War of the Worls (BFI Film Classics)
Mark Kermode, Silent Running (BFI Film Classics)
Michelle Le Blanc & Colin Odell, Akira (BFI Film Classics)
Isiah Lavender III (ed.), Black & Brown Planets: The Politics of Race in SF
Andrzej Wicher et al. (eds.), Basic Categories of Fantastic Literature