Deep Ends

The second installment in Rick McGrath's series of Ballardicana, Deep Ends, is now available in hardcover and paperback editions. I loved the first installment, The J. G. Ballard Book, which I reviewed in the Fall 2014 issue of Extrapolation. This one is even better and includes my bio-fiction "Geometry of Mourning," a playful commentary on the ways in which Ballard's life and works have been critically (mis)perceived over the years. Even better is a rare prose poem by JGB himself, an essay and interview with JGB's daughters Bea and Fay, and a variety of pieces by prominent Ballardians, critics and artists, among them Iain Sinclair, Mike Bonsall, Umberto Rossi, Mike Holliday, Peter Brigg, Ana Barrado, Christopher Cokinos, David Pringle, and many others.