Blurb for They Live

I received a terrific preliminary blurb for my upcoming cultography on They Live from Mark Bould, one of the best science fiction and film critics working today. Bould is the author of Film Noir: From Berlin to Sin City and Science Fiction: The Routledge Film Guidebook as well as the editor of Neo-Noir, The Routledge Concise History of Science Fiction, Fifty Key Figures in Science Fiction, and others. He's also the editor of Journal of Science Fiction Film & Television. Here's the blurb:

"Wilson gets what makes They Live live. With all the virtuosity of 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper performing an inverted atomic drop, he grapples with the many dimensions of Carpenter’s movie. From the critical, political and schizoanalytical to the simulacral and tonsorial, his short book chews bubble gum and kicks ass."