Deep Ends

The second installment of Rick McGrath's anthology of Ballardicana will be published later this year by The Terminal Press. My oneirograph "Geometry of Mourning" will appear in it alongside tons of JGB experts and aficionados, including JGB's daughter Bea as well as Ballard himself (McGrath procured the rights to a previously unpublished prose poem called "Crystal of the Sea"). Also included will be work from Iain Sinclair, Umberto Rossi, Mike Holliday, Peter Brigg, and many others. I'm so proud to be a part of this book. Note the flipper on the (temporary) cover—a drawing by Fay Ballard.

To tide you over before the release of Deep Ends, be sure to check out the first installment, The J.G. Ballard Book, a singular mosaic of interviews, articles, bibliographies and thought experiments that features color photographs and illustrations in addition to original correspondences between Ballard and various Ballardians.