As the editor-in-chief of Anti-Oedipus Press, one of my goals is to reissue exceptional out-of-print novels so that they may be taught in the classroom. I am particularly interested in out-of-print science fiction novels that chart new territory and break the rules and codes of the genre. Earlier this year, A-OP released a new paperback edition of Barry N. Malzberg's Galaxies, a truly unique science metafiction novel originally published in 1975, and in 2015, A-OP will do likewise with A Short, Sharp Shock, a work of surreal science fantasy that may be Kim Stanley Robinson's strangest novel to date. I have taught both books in SF courses before. Not only did they make for good lectures and discussions while facilitating my pedagogical m.o.—students really liked them, too.

Free desk copies for A-OP books are always available for people who may want to teach them. Simply contact our publicity manager, Stan Ashenbach, at antioedipuspress@yahoo.comA-OP is a non-profit publisher; monies made are used for author royalties and promotions.