Extrapolation 55.1

The Spring 2014 issue of Extrapolation is out. My review of Samuel Francis's The Psychological Fictions of J.G. Ballard appears in it alongside a lot of other great reviews. Major essays include the following:
Mark Barr. "'Two Sought Adventure': Fritz Leiber and the Architecture of Fantasy." 
Lars Schmeink. "On the Look-Out for a New Urban Uncanny: An Interview with China MiĆ©ville." 
Helen Young. "Critiques of colonialism in Robin Hobb's Soldier Son Trilogy."
James Campbell. "Fear of a Stupid Planet: Sexuality, SF, and Kornbluth's 'The Marching Morons'." 
Nicolas Labarre. "Alien as a Comic Book: Adaptation and Genre Shifting."
In the next issue, I will review Rick McGrath's The J.G. Ballard Book.