Review in The Rumpus

James Reich has written an intuitive review of Freud: The Penultimate Biography for The Rumpus. It's the best review of the book I've read. Here's an excerpt: 

"This is not a book. It is an algorithm. D. Harlan Wilson’s trilogy of Hitler: The Terminal BiographyFreud: The Penultimate Biography and Douglass: The Lost Autobiography are Magrittesque artifacts. Certainly not biographies in the conventional sense of the genre, these titles may not be, strictly, books, whatever those are these days. They are experiments in deconstructing the supposedly cynical matrices of literature in the Internet age, where units are defined and shifted algorithmically, by guilty—sometimes arbitrary—associations with other books . . . The voice of The Penultimate Biography is both a ghost in the machine and a spanner in the works."