Freud on Kindle

Today is the official publication date for the kindle edition of Freud: The Penultimate Biography, the second installment in my trilogy of autohagiographies. The paperback edition will be available soon. The entire trilogy, including Hitler: The Terminal Biography and Douglass: The Lost Autobiography, will remain on sale until the publication of Douglass on March 11 at a discounted rate of 20%. All books purchased on sale will be autographed by me.

Freud & Hitler

The Goodreads giveaway for Freud: The Penultimate Biography came to an end today. Congratulations to Dave Bensette, who won a free autographed copy. Between March 1 and 11, the third and final Goodreads giveaway for the Biographizer trilogy will run for Douglass: The Lost Autobiography.

Today also marks the official publication of the paperback and kindle editions of Hitler: The Terminal Biography. Thanks to everybody who made these books happen. You know who you are.

20% Discount on Biographizer Trilogy

The 20% discount for preorders of Hitler: The Terminal BiographyFreud: The Penultimate Biography and Douglass: The Lost Autobiography will run until March 11, the official publication date of the third and final installment. Hitler comes out on Feb. 11, Freud on Feb. 25. I will sign all preordered copies. For more details, refer to the press kit for the trilogy.

RDSP Eligible Fiction

Raw Dog Screaming Press has listed its works published in 2013 that are eligible for the World Fantasy Award. I have two eligible pieces: a novel, The Kyoto Man, and a story, "Zapruder." Please consider a nomination if you are a voter. There are some other great RDSP-eligible publications too, among them The Irreal Reader, edited by G.S. Evans and Alice Wittenburg.