SPECTRE Reviewed in HuffPo

I haven't publicized that I'm the editor-in-chief of Anti-Oedipus Press, but I can't resist now in light of a terrific review of our second title, Laurence A. Rickels' SPECTRE, a schizoanalysis of the Bond oeuvre, in The Huffington Post. But enough about me. Rickels' work is truly original and special. This is the thesis of the review:

"In the same vein as Dr. Laurence A. Rickels' brilliantly idiosyncratic I Think I Am exhuming the corpus of Philip K. Dick, SPECTRE propels Kulturindustrie theory into the 21st century with its pointed multi-layered, multi-disciplinary fun-e-really examination of the Bond nemesis via the shadow of its creator, Ian Fleming."

Read the full review here.