Zapruder in Fiction International #46

My story "Zapruder" appears in Fiction International's new Realtime/Virtual issue. Here's the lowdown:

Fiction International is a journal of arts and letters published at San Diego State University that emphasizes formal innovation and social activism. Each issue is devoted to a particular theme. “Virtual” is not just interfacing with “real” time but devouring it—at least in “developed” nations. Half the world, including much of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the elderly everywhere still inhabit real time, but these millions scarcely count. The electronic revolution/devolution seems unstoppable. Who is really profiting from it? Featured textual and visual artists include Tyrone Nagai, Charles Lowe, Norman Conquest, Samantha Memi, J.S. Kierland, Shane Roeschlein, Thomas Fuchs, Adam Klein, Larry Fondation, Ryan Francis Kelly, Guy R. Beining, Tara Stillions Whitehead, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Robert Hamburger, Michael Hemmingson, John Edward Lawson, Paul Forristal, Michelle Herold, Andy O’Clancy, Natalie Quave, Chad Stroup, Randall Lahrman, Ryan Forsythe, Jo Ellen Aragon, Carla Wilson, Francois Bereaud, Michael Filas, Gary Lain, Harold Jaffe, and me.

Issue #45 is now available at Amazon.