Review of Peckinpah in Spinetingler

Gabino Iglesias has written a great review of Peckinpah: An Ultraviolent Romance for Spinetingler Magazine. Here's an excerpt.

"Peckinpah: An Ultraviolent Romance is a novel about senseless aggression and payback as much as it is an exploration/homage/extension of Sam Peckinpah’s work, a ekphratic wonder of language and sadism where film and literature come together to create a unique reading experience. Wilson writes weird stuff, but it’s also some of the brightest, most genre-bending weirdness you’ll ever read ... Surreal, ultraviolent, gruesome, unique, and so full of references that getting all of them would be a challenge for anyone, Peckinpah ... is a must-read for anyone who likes their fiction smart, fast, and dangerous."

Read the entire review here.