Going LIVE Interview

This is a short interview I did at Seton Hill University's 2013 In Your Write Mind Writing Workshop on the Going Live with FCTV show.

Freud: The Penultimate Biography

Here's an excerpt from my upcoming book Freud: The Penultimate Biography (Raw Dog Screaming Press 2013). It encapsulates feelings I experience at least once per minute.


Somebody came up to me.

I waved them off and said, “I’m not interested.”

They kept coming and tried to say something.

I spread my fingers and pressed my hand against an invisible pane of glass. Then I delivered this monologue:

“I’m not interested. Really. I’m not interested. Not interested. I’m not. I have no interest in you. None. I’m not interested. I don’t care what you have to say. It won’t interest me. I guarantee it. Really. It will not interest me. I won’t find what you have to say to me interesting. Not even remotely. I’m really very extremely profoundly not interested. Nothing can make me interested. Because I’m not interested. It’s not going to happen. Ever. Me being interested, I mean. Do you understand? I’m not interested. I’m not interested. I’m not interested. No hard feelings. If it makes you feel better, I’m not interested in anybody. Well. I wish you luck placing the extension of your selfhood via oral transmission elsewhere. Somebody’s bound to be interested in you. Somebody’s bound to be. Somebody other than me. But I’m not interested. I’m just going to sit here for now. So if you could just, like, turn around and go away, that’d be great. Yeah. If you could turn around. Turn around. That’s it. Turn around and go away. Turn around. Go away. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. So long. Thank you. Thanks. I’ll be here all weekend. All right bye.”

(NOTE: You may apply the above monologue to virtually anybody. Writer, car salesman, monkey trainer, monkey, certain Presidents of the United States—it’s appropriate for multiple would-be interlocutors.)

DogCon 2 Schedule

Here is the schedule for DogCon 2 in one convenient jpg. More details details are available here.

DogCon 2

At the end of the month, I will be attending DogCon 2 in Columbus, Ohio. I'm not sure specifically what I'm doing yet, but it will involve a reading or two (probably from The Kyoto Man) and maybe a writing tutorial of some kind using Lance Olsen's Architectures of Possibility as a primer. I should have more details by next week.

Goodreads Giveaway for Diegeses Complete

The Goodreads giveaway for Diegeses is now complete. Thanks to everybody who entered. Signed paperback copies will be sent out next week to the five winners.


Here is the cover description for my upcoming novel Primordial: An Abstraction:

"A nameless professor’s methods of teaching and scholarship become toxic; he is sent back to college to redo his Ph.D. and redeem his authority. This is only the beginning of terror. Life at the university isn’t what it used to be. Confronted by idiocy, redundancy, and pornography at every turn, the professor must struggle to follow the rules and be a good student even as he terrorizes the roommates, faculty, staff and administrators that threaten to undermine his rancorous will to power. Narrated in D. Harlan Wilson’s token 'Hörnblowér prose,' Primordial: An Abstraction is an exercise in absurdity that rakes academia over the coals while plumbing the uncanny obscurities of existence and identity."

Coming from Anti-Oedipus Press in 2014 ...