Free Review Copies of The Kyoto Man

Free e-versions of the special limited hardcover edition of The Kyoto Man are currently available for  interested reviewers. Simply email me or the publisher. I am also willing to give away free Kindle or Nook editions, although mind this disclaimer, which appears in the novel:

"This is an abridged version of The Kyoto Man compiled exclusively for tablets and e-readers. All events continue to occur in outrétime, but certain creative content has been sacrificed for the sake of futurity, including illustrations, screenplays, teleplays, movie ratings, proto-epistolary riffs, homeopape advertisements, and other superegoic media. Thus this electronic edition suffers from production constraints. WARNING: a schizophrenic reading experience may ensue. To read the The Kyoto Man in its photogenic, techno-surreal entirety, please refer to the paperback and hardcover editions. Learn more at"