Limited Hardcover Edition of The Kyoto Man

Today, complements of Raw Dog Screaming Press, I received 50 copies of the limited hardcover edition of The Kyoto Man, the final installment of my Scikungfi Trilogy, which I will sign and send out to readers who have bought it. Thanks so much. There are still some copies left for anybody who's interested. You can contact me at or go to; I'm happy to personalize my signature. I must say I'm overjoyed with how the book looks. Even the texture of the cover jacket feels good. Special thanks to the unflappably talented Brett Weldele for his artwork, as well as Jennifer Barnes, who did the layout, inside and outside. Brandon Duncan, too, provided some artwork for the interior. You guys are the best.

The standard hardcover and paperback editions of The Kyoto Man will be out in a few months as well as the ebook. Preorders are still being taken here.

A final thanks to all of the behind-the-scenes folks who made The Kyoto Man possible. You know who you are. It took me about five years to write it and that's the longest I've spent on a book and probably will ever spend on a book again in light of my new motto: Try less, win more.