In February, Diegeses, a tête-à-tête of two darkly irreal novelettes, will mark the debut of my new imprint, Anti-Oedipus Press. It will be published at first in ebook form with the paperback edition following in the summer. Here's the cover description:
“Judge Schreber has sunbeams in his ass. A solar anus. And rest assured that it works: Judge Schreber feels something, and is capable of explaining the process theoretically. Something is produced: the effects of a machine, not mere metaphors ... There is no such thing as either man or nature now, only a process that produces the one within the other and couples the machines together. Producing-machines, desiring-machines everywhere, schizophrenic machines, all of species life: the self and the non-self, outside and inside, no longer have any meaning whatsoever ... Judge Schreber ‘lived for a long time without a stomach, without intestines, almost without lungs, with a torn esophagus, without a bladder, and with shattered ribs; he used sometimes to swallow part of his own larynx with his food, etc.’ The body without organs is non-productive; nonetheless it is produced, at a certain place and a certain time in the connective synthesis, as the identity of producing and the product: the schizophrenic table is a body without organs.” D&G
And here's the full jacket cover featuring artwork by Matthew Revert and Brett Weldele: