Douglas Kellner on The Kyoto Man

Douglas Kellner, Professor of Philosophy at UCLA, has written a wonderful blurb for The Kyoto Man:

"D. Harlan Wilson's scikungfi trilogy explodes pulp science fiction into new galaxies of frenzied prose that paints the imploding future as a funhouse of fragments of pop culture and avant-garde literature. The Kyoto Man goes a dimension or so further, mixing fractured narratives of SF with Hollywood pop into a postmodern scene that out-Burroughses Burroughs and makes Kerouac's trips seem square."

Kellner is the author of several books that have had a profound impact on my thinking as a critic and fiction writer, among them The Postmodern Turn and Media Spectacle. His latest book is Cinema Wars: Hollywood Film & Politics in the Bush/Cheney Era.

Review of Death Sentences in LARB

Words that Kill, my review of the new translation of Japanese author Kawamata Chiaki's Death Sentences, is the latest piece in the SF section of The Los Angeles Review of Books. Please have a look and check out the archive, too: there's a lot of great work over here.

New Interview

Author S.L. Schmitz was kind enough to interview me last week. You can read it here. I come off as rather angry and bitter, and this wouldn't be altogether untrue, if only in my quest to be a fanatical emissary of Truth.

Issue 37 of The Dream People

The latest issue of The Dream People is now available. There are some powerhouse authors in this issue, among them Michael A. Arnzen, Carlton Mellick III, Blake Butler, Sean Kilpatrick, William Pauley III, Andersen Prunty, Donna Fleck and Gary J. Shipley. We are especially excited to feature an excerpt from Lance Olsen's new revamp of his writing textbook, Architectures of Possibility: After Innovative Writing, which should be a staple of every fiction writing course. Now then: read the meat.