Issue 53.1 of Extrapolation

The Spring 2012 issue of Extrapolation is now available. It's a good one. Here's the lineup:

Andrew Wenaus. "Rhizomatic Horror: Eclipsed Narrative & Experimantal Weird Fiction in Steve Beard's Digital Leatherette." 
Kristen Seas. "The Post-Oedipal Desire for the Superhero Narrative in M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable." 
Stacy Magedanz. "The Captivity Narrative in Octavia E. Butler's Adulthood Rites." 
Van Leavenworth. "Utopia, Relationality & Ecology: Resurrecting the Natural in Battlestar Galactica." 
Nishant Shahani. "'If not this, what?' Time Out of Joint & the Politics of Queer Utopia."

There are also reviews of some of the latest works of sf criticism, among them my book Technologized Desire: Selfhood & the Body in Postcapitalist Science Fiction, shrewdly and cleverly reviewed by Pawel Frelik.

One-Day Symposium on Science Fiction

On Thursday, May 17, there will be a one-day symposium on science fiction held at the University of California-Riverside on the 4th floor of the Rivera Library in the Special Collections Reading Room. Some of the best sf critics in the nation will be there. Here's the lineup:

10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Panel 1: Science Fiction and Science
Colin Milburn, UC Davis
Vernor Vinge, UC San Diego
Sherryl Vint, Brock University

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Panel 2: Trends in Science Fiction Criticism
Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr,. De Pauw University
John Rieder, University of Hawaii
Lisa Yaszek, Georgia Tech University

3:15 pm – 4:45 pm
Panel 3: Teaching Science Fiction
Pawel Frelik, Marie Curie-Sklodowska University
Brooks Landon, University of Iowa
Lisa Swanstrom, Florida Atlantic University

A buffet lunch will be served between the first and second panels.

Book Description for The Kyoto Man

The publisher and I have been going back and forth and we just can't decide on a cover description for The Kyoto Man. Here's the current draft. What do you think?
I am addicted to crack cocaine. There's nothing like a fresh hit. When I take that first hit, it's just, like, wow. I use as often as possible. As much as I can possibly get my hands on the drug. It's just a rush. It's just a really nice feeling. It starts in my head goes all the way down to my knees. It's like I've been in yoga and I'm coming out of my corpse pose. I need some money. I write bad checks and think mean thoughts. It's the most horrible feeling. I choose drugs instead of my kids. At the end of the day, though, I'm gonna do what I wanna do. I'm happy, mostly. I know that every day I can count on another relapse. Reliability matters.

Stories by M. Sue Wilson

My 5-year-old daughter has been wielding the pen and ink again. Here are the latest products of her efforts:

The Flower That Did Not Hide

Daddy, Maddie, Annah, Olivia, Renee and Mommy were all hiding from the wind. The flower did not hide and it blew away.

The Black Flower

There was a black flower and all of the other flowers in the world. The sun came up.

The Volcano & the Coffee Shop

The volcano splirted fire. The witch almost flew into the volcano. Then she flew through the front door of a coffee shop.

The Castle

A pillow, kids, and a witch are in a castle. The kids are hiding from the witch. The castle was on the grass.

Cast Your Characters

The characters for The Kyoto Man have been cast. Find out who they are at author Heidi Ruby Miller's blog.

Interview at D.A. Bale Publishing

Indie author D. A. Bale has interviewed me at her blog. Read it here.