A Note on The Dream People

Since 2006, I have been the editor-in-chief of The Dream People, a magazine you are probably familiar with if you read my stories and books. We pay $5 for unsolicited short fiction, and we only send funds via paypal. My assistant recently received a snotty email from an author we published who allegedly did not receive payment for a story. I'm not sure if this author forgot to send along a paypal address or if payment for the story simply slipped through the cracks (it happens). The point is, IT'S FIVE DOLLARS. We wish we could pay more, but we can't, and in any case, the payment of FIVE DOLLARS fiction writers receive for their work is a symbolic gesture. We assume that, if you sell us a story, you are not making your living off of the sale. MORAL: If authors published in TDP send us their paypal addresses and do not get paid within a month or two after the official publication of whatever issue they appear in, feel free to write us, but don't be an I-take-myself-way-too-seriously-becuase-I'm-so-deeply-insecure shithead about it. Thank you.