Bust Down the Door & Eat All the Chickens #10

Issue #10 of Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens is now available. Included is my story "The Huis Clos Hotel," reprinted from my fiction collection They Had Goat Heads. Here’s the complete table of contents:

"Guess What" by Amanda Billings
"The Hector Report" by Eric Hawthorn
"Artichoke" by Kirsten Alene
"Excursions in Viral Psychology" by Kirk Jones
"Romantic Fucking Comedy" by Andrew W. Adams
"#30" by Laird Hunt
"The Huis Clos Hotel" by D. Harlan Wilson
"Die You Donut Bastards!" by Cameron Pierce
"Death and the People" by Amber Sparks
Review of Steve Lowe's
Muscle Memory by Matthew Revert
Review of Shane Jones's A Cake Appeared by Bradley Sands

Order a copy here. This may be the last issue of Bust Down the Door; editor-in-chief Bradley Sands has stepped down, and I'm not sure if a new editor will take the reigns. Too bad. It's my favorite underground journal of fiction. But all good things must come from a hen . . .