Battle without Honor or Humanity, Vols. I & II

My author-ego D. Harlan Wilson is not yet dead . . . This morning I brokered an informal deal with Raw Dog Screaming Press to publish my upcoming fiction collection, Battle without Honor or Humanity, in two volumes. Here's a taste:

The Dream People

Issue #36 of The Dream People is taking longer than expected to format, but it should be out on time on Nov. 1. Included will be an interview with Joe R. Lansdale and selections from editor A. J. French's new anthology of monkpunk fiction.


A review of Steve Aylett's LINT: THE MOVIE appeared this month in Spike Magazine. Here's an excerpt:

"Similarly to its source material, Lint: The Movie runs episodically with nugget after golden nugget of supreme absurdity, which often go beyond the simple exposition of Lint’s antics and instead into the realm of something meaningful and satiric (despite Aylett himself noting, 'Satire has no effect – a mirror holds no fear for those with no shame'). But exactly what this ‘something’ is is hard to define, making Aylett’s Lint all the less boring and all the more satisfying."

The players in LINT: THE MOVIE include me, Alan Moore, Lord Caul Pin, Stewart Lee, Jeff Vandermeer, Leila Johnston, Mo Ali and Bill Ectric, among others.


My short story, "Abattoir," will appear in Pink Narcissus Press' upcoming anthology, WTF?! Here's a description from the publisher:

"Corrective surgery gone wrong, punk rockers abducted by aliens, and dwarfs obsessed with pomegranates are just a few of the things you will find in this anthology. From the quirky to the serious to the surreal, whatever happens in these stories is bound to leave the reader wondering WTF?!"

Down the road, "Abattoir" will reemerge in my en marche fiction collection, Battle without Honor or Humanity, the follow-up to They Had Goat Heads.