Hayakawa's Mystery Magazine

My story "Digging for Adults," which originally appeared in Stranger on the Loose, has been translated into Japanese and published in the August 2010 issue (No. 654) of Hayakawa's Mystery Magazine. I wish I could read the translation. "Digging for Adults" has also been optioned for a short film.

The Kyoto Man - Wanted Sign

Here is a chapter from my upcoming novel, The Kyoto Man, the third and final installment in my scikungfi trilogy, compliments of Brandon Duncan. You may have to squint to read it:

Extrapolation 52.2

The summer 2011 issue of Extrapolation (52.2) is now available. Here's the lineup:

Umberto Rossi, "The Holy Family from Outer Space: Reconsidering Philip K. Dick's The Divine Invasion

Sandra J. Lindow, "Mapping the Walls of The Dispossessed"

Dominick Grace, "Gotlieb upon Caliban"

Erin S. Young, "Flexible Heroines, Flexible Narratives: The Werewolf Romances of Kelley Armstron and Carrie Vaughn

The Big Book of Bizarro

Today I received a copy of The Big Book of Bizarro in the mail. My story "Scotomization" appears in it. Burning Bulb Publishing put it out, and I've never worked with them before, so I didn't know what to expect. True to its name, this anthology of Bizarro horror, sci-fi & fantasy, and erotica fiction is BIG, and it's immaculately edited and laid out. And most importantly, the content is unique, innovative and compelling ... something I rarely encounter. If you like my writing, I suspect you'll like this book. Thanks to the editors, Rich Bottles Jr. and Gary Lee Vincent, for their keen eyes and deft aesthetic mojo.

They Had Goat Heads for $0.99

For a limited time, my latest collection of stories and flash fiction, They Had Goat Heads, is available on Kindle and Nook for $0.99. The book was recently nominated for the Wonderland Book Award.

They Had Goat Heads & the Wonderland Award

They Had Goat Heads has made the final ballot for the 2011 Wonderland Book Award in the Best Collection category. See all of the nominees here. Only BizarroCon attendees are eligible to vote by sending an email to bizarrocon@yahoo.com. Voting ends October 31.