ReaderCon 22

On behalf of Raw Dog Screaming Press, I will be attending ReaderCon next weekend, July 14-17, in Burlington, MA. Here's my schedule:

Friday, July 15

11:30 A.M. Reading. D. Harlan Wilson. Wilson reads from the new novel Codename Prague (Raw Dog Screaming Press 2011), the second installment in his scikungfi trilogy.

Saturday, July 16

3:00 P.M. Autographs. Paul Levinson, Rick Wilber, D. Harlan Wilson.
6:00 P.M. Panel: Science Fiction for Today's Undergraduate. Michael Cisco, Leigh Grossman (leader), Joan Slonczewski, D. Harlan Wilson, Gregory A. Wilson. Works of science fiction show up on college reading lists both for courses focused on SF and those that brush by science fictional ideas on their way to someplace else. Many students are familiar with SF in media, but far fewer have read much written SF. But how much does that matter? How does the experience of teaching SF texts differ from that of teaching other works, if it does at all? Do today's hyper-technologized students experience different challenges (or affinities) than previous generations of students? What SF texts particularly engage them? Our panelists, all of whom have taught SF texts in their classes, will talk about the peculiarities of teaching SF in the undergraduate classroom and relate their experiences, good, bad, and alien.
This will be my first appearance at ReaderCon. I just realized that Joan Slonczewski is on the same panel as me. I met her in 1997 at the Science Fiction Research Association's annual convention in Los Angeles, when I was in grad school, years before I had published any fiction or criticism. I remember having just read her novel A Door into Ocean (1986) and being kind of in awe of her: I had never met a novelist before.
When I'm not doing my things at ReaderCon, I'll be in the fitness room, the bar, or the Raw Dog Screaming Press table in the dealer room with author John Lawson. Feel free to buy me a beer or a protein shake.