They Had Goat Heads & the Wonderland Award

My fiction collection They Had Goat Heads is up for the Wonderland Book Award in the Best Collection category. If you liked it, please vote for it here, along with a righteous slue of other eligible Bizarro books, in the Best Collection category as well as Best Novel. Anybody can vote, and the judges ask that you submit nominees for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Simply mail with your recommendations.

LINT: The Movie

LINT: The Movie, starring Alan Moore, Stewart Lee, Steve Aylett, Josie Long, Jeff Vandermeer, me, Robin Ince, Mitzi Szereto, Bill Ectric, Andrew O'Neill, Vessel, 7-Inch Stitch, etc., etc. ... There will be a screening in the United Kingdom in Brighton on June 26. Click here for details.
Purchase tickets here.
The film is based on Steve Aylett's books LINT and And Your Point Is?

Aylett's books, LINT paraphernalia, and The Caterer comics will be on sale at the venue.

Mo*Con 2011

I will be at Mo*Con this weekend in Indianapolis, IN, hanging with Andersen Prutny, William Pauley III, and other miscreants. Thanks in advance to the reverend Maurice Broaddus for hosting the event. I promise not to temper my gestalt beyond normative expectations.

Good Bad Review on Goodreads

Lynette Fox has written a good bad review of Codename Prague at Goodreads:

"I got to page 33 and I was just really turned off by this book. I do not want to finish it and will not finish it. There is way to much swearing and foul language. The details are gruesome, gory and disturbing. I feel some of the authors details are not needed. I will not recommend this book. As a matter of fact I think it should have warnings. Not good for under 25 years of age for reading. Very violent. If it were a movie, it would be rated R."

Issue #35 of The Dream People

The 35th issue of The Dream People is now available. Included are ficciones from Jamie Rosen, M.E. Purfield, Nicholas Ozment, Chris Bowsman, A.M. Arruin, and Lofton Gitt, that latter of whom is the first TDP author to speak to us from the grave. Also featured are book excerpts from Jeff VanderMeer and George Williams, an interview with George Williams, and a microcriticism from, sadly perhaps, me.

Review of Codename Prague in The Pedestal Magazine

JoSelle Vanderhooft has written a shrewd and insightful review of my new novel, Codename Prague, for The Pedestal Magazine. Here's a taste:

"The dazzling absurdity, wide-eyed imagery, and wicked humor with which Wilson sends up these and other clich├ęs of science fiction and kung fu movies are more than enough reason to read Codename Prague. However, I think the book’s real brilliance can be found in its playful yet earnest examination of art and the concept of ekphrasis, or the way in which one art form tries to describe another. At the novel’s outset, Wilson playfully defines this term as “a graphic, ultraviolent depiction of a visual work of reality,” thus drawing, as he did in Peckinpah, a connection between art, violence, and life as lived, which suggests that the lines between all three may be quite fuzzy, indeed. By writing a novel that attempts to describe a movie, Wilson has committed ekphrasis. He also commits it by having his mad scientist splice Hitler and Keats to create a being that can surpass what he sees as the individual strengths of each man. And by giving Prague a fool’s quest that ends with his realization that he holds the code that could take postreal humanity to its next step, Wilson attempts a third form of ekphrasis—that is, to create a version of science fiction, wuxia, and scholarship that illuminates how all three are, more or less, a single art form.

"While that description may make
Codename Prague sound eggheaded and dull, the novel’s nonstop action and refreshing lack of pretensions make the book a mind-bending and rewarding read not only for science fiction and kung fu film aficionados, but also for literary critics, Bizarro fans, and readers who are interested in outlandish, experimental science fiction. This is Wilson writing at the top of his game."

Read the entire review here.

Faculty Award

Yesterday I found out that I won the 2011 Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award at Wright State University-Lake Campus. This annual award is presented to a faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in writing and publishing. Thanks much to the selection committee!

Monk Punk on Kindle

Monk Punk, a new anthology of short fiction from Static Movement Press, is now available on Kindle and Nook. I wrote the introduction, which discusses the evolution of punk literature since the Beats. Here's the book description:

"In the tradition of Steampunk and Cyberpunk comes a new sub-strain of speculative fiction ... Monk Punk. A.J. French has gathered 23 hard-hitting Monk Punk tales of fantasy, science fiction, and horror, featuring stories from some of the best established and upcoming authors, including George Ivanoff, William Meikle, David J. West, R.B. Payne, Sean T. M. Stiennon, and John R. Fultz. Introduction by D. Harlan Wilson. Prepare yourself for ordination ..."

If you didn't catch it in my previous blog, here's the table of contents.

Goodreads Giveaway: Codename Prague

The Goodreads giveaway for my new novel, Codename Prague, the second installment in the scikungfi trilogy, is now complete. Congratulations to the winners: Lynette Fox, Chelsea Northrop, Michael Weil, Heather Gutowski and Eduardo Quinones. Signed copies will be sent out next week.