Monk Punk Table of Contents

I have completed my introduction for the upcoming anthology, Monkpunk, which will be published by Static Movement within a month or so. I trace the influences and origins of monkpunk (from Beat literature to cyberpunk, steampunk, splatterpunk, etc.) and try to show how this movement presents a unique riff on punk literature. Here's the TOC:

"The Spiritual Riff: An Introduction to Monkpunk" by D. Harlan Wilson

"Fistful of Tengu" by David J. West

"Don't Bite My Finger" by Geoff Nelder

"The Power of Gods" by Sean T. M. Stiennon

"The Key to Happiness" by R.B. Payne

"The Just One" by William Meikle

"Wonder and Glory" by Adrian Chamberlin

"The Liturgy of Hours" by Dean M Drinkel

"Brethren of Fire" by Zach Black

"The Second Coming" by Joe Jablonski

"Suitcase Nuke" by Sean Monaghan

"Capital Sins in a Dominican Monastery" by Gayle Arrowood

"Nasrudin: Desert Monk" by Barry Rosenberg

"The Last Monk" by George Ivanoff

"The Cult of Adam" by Mark Iles

"Snowfall" by JC Andrijeski

"Xenocyte: A Kiomarra Story" by Caleb Heath

"Vortex" by Joshua Ramey-Renk

"The Birth of God" by Jeffrey Sorensen

"Rannoch Abbey and the Night Visitor" by Dave Fragments

"Black Rose" by Robert Harkess

"Citipati" by Suzanne Robb

"The Path of Li Xi" by A.J. French

"Where the White Lotus Grows" by John R. Fultz