Battle without Honor or Humanity #2

Here is another microchapter from the titular story in my upcoming fiction collection, Battle without Honor or Humanity. It's becoming more like a novelette and will probably end up around 10,000 words. Rather than "serialize" it from beginning to end, I've decided to post randomly selected microchapters. As with much of my writing, there are a thousands of plateaus, and one can enter through infinite orifices and liminal spaces ...


De facto embodiment: I find myself holding a samurai sword, the leather handle long and grooved and worn, but somehow inviolate, and I maneuver the weapon with a totem of two glued fists. I allow my opponent to put me on the defense, drawing him in, and then I bow to one side, devoutly, softening my elbows, editing the coalescence of my shoulder muscles, and finally sweeping upwards in an act of sociopathic and hate-fueled cathexis ... My breath leaves my esophagus like the exhaust fumes of a luxury vehicle as the tip of the blade passes through my opponent’s face. It doesn’t touch the upper teeth or the palate, but it splits the chin, the jawbone and the tongue, and when he falls to his knees in the dust, and when his mouth drops open and apart like an exploded mine shaft, the tongue flails in the screaming wound like two bubonic snakes.