ZDMT #31 - Balmer's Youth Hostel in Interlaken, Switzerland

To kill a fly, one must be alert and patient. Prerequisite: steady hands. Wait for the fly to land on a flat surface. Open the hands into flat shapes and hold them outwards, as if carrying a large porcelain cistern. Approach the fly. Gaze upon the fly and do not look away. When looming above the fly like a mountain god, take a deep, silent breath and bring the hands together into a fierce clap approximately two inches above the fly. For a fly, there is nowhere to go but up. Flies are faster than hands, and accomplishing a clap in a spatial matrix where, before the fly moves, the fly does not exist, will compensate for this crisis of velocity. The fly should be dead at this point. Deposit the corpse in a garbage can and apply antibacterial gel to hands, or move on to another fly and return to the beginning of this process essay.