Response to Anti-Promotional Rhetoric

My publicist and the managing editor of The Dream People, Stanley Ashenbach, has been promoting Codename Prague by emailing press releases to folks who have submitted to The Dream People in the past. Information on the novel is preceded by this disclaimer:

"This is a promotional message for D. Harlan Wilson's new novel, Codename Prague. If you are offended by messages of this nature, look away. Here is a press kit. Thank you for your cooperation."

Many recipients send short replies expressing interest; most don't reply at all. Occasionally somebody emails this message:

"Remove me from your mailing list."

Stanley's response to these messages is pointed and unambiguous:

"No. The Dream People exists in part as a medium to promote the works of D. Harlan Wilson. By submitting you subjectify yourself. Grow up."

For the record, I am not responsible for how Stan chooses to manage my career; he insisted on autonomy when he signed the contract and I gave it to him. And he hasn't let me down yet.