Library Journal

Here's what Library Journal has to say about Codename Prague:

"Having assassinated the Nowhere Man, Vincent 'Codename' Prague, master assassin of the Ministry of Applied Pressure (MAP), receives a promotion to Anvil-In-Chief and becomes the target of celebrity hounds. Assigned to a job in Prague (where everyone’s surname is also Prague), Vincent faces Doktor Teufelsdröckh, a mad scientist/chef who has created a monster that rivals Frankenstein. In this second installment of his scikungfi trilogy (after Dr. Identity), Wilson ups his creative ante with new bursts of stream of cyber consciousness prose to rival Gilbert Sorrentino (Mulligan Stew) and William Burroughs (Naked Lunch). VERDICT: With the cinematic feel of Pulp Fiction and a sound slap at modern culture, this should attract a select audience that appreciates metafiction and pulp action."