ZDMT #14 - Muscle Beach

Still hung over from the after party at Ian McShane’s house on Christmas and had to cancel my appearance at Muscle Beach in Venice, CA. Had I been there, I would have read random excerpts from my book of critical theory, Technologized Desire: Selfhood & the Body in Postcapitalist Science Fiction, while doing this chest and biceps workout:


Barbell Incline Bench Press – 1x100 1x12 1x10 1x8 3x6 1x100
Dumbbell Decline Bench Press – 1x100 1x12 1x10 1x8 3x6 1x100
Weighted Dip – 8x8
Dumbbell Flye – 4x25 4x8-10
Pushup Ladder (Wide Grip) – 8xFailure
Chest Squeeze – 8x60sec


Dumbbell Incline Curl – 1x1000
Barbell Preacher Curl – 8x8
Dumbbell Concentration Curl – 1x25 1x5 1x25 1x5 1x25 1x5 1x25 1x5
Pullup (Palms Inward) – 8xFailure
Dumbbell Speedy Alternating Curl – 1x1000
Biceps Squeeze – 8x60sec

I would have finished the workout/reading by doing crunches for 15-30 minutes, depending upon fatigue.