Seven Beauties of SF & I Think I Am PKD

On deck for my next reviews in Extrapolation are two promising books:

The Seven Beauties of Science Fiction, by Istvan Csicsnery-Ronay, Jr.
I Think I Am Philip K. Dick, by Laurence A. Rickels

I've begun Istvan's book and it's a gem, as expected -- I've been a fan of his science fiction theory for years; his essay "The SF of Theory: Baudrillard & Haraway" (1991) had a profound effect on both my fiction and criticism. I'm more skeptical about Rickels's book with its stark yellow cover. University of Minnesota Press can't finagle an Abe Lincoln android or a retro-futique can of UBIK on the cover? More importantly, I wonder what Rickels can bring to the already obese canon of PKD criticism and creative nonfiction.