Quantum Genre in the Planet of the Arts

I have two stories in the new anthology Quantum Genre in the Planet of the Arts, edited by V. Ulea, and published by Paraphilia. It's currently available for free download at the publisher's website. Here's a description of the book:

This magnificent e-thology of writing and artwork was offered to PARAPHILIA by our friend Vera Ulea as a publishing project. Due to the logistics involved, we had to decline printing it as a paper book, but Vera (and her contributors) generously suggested that we host it on our site as a free-access electronic document. As regards the nature of the book, to quote Ms. Ulea:

“The Quantum Genre is an emerging type of fiction that Darin Bradley calls ‘little weird.’ Using his term, I would call QG ‘weird-weird.’ QG is not about the quantum topic but a ‘quantum’ way of representation of characters and the universe. The theme can be any, including the quantum one, but the technique should be unlike the one we observe in mainstream literature. Therefore, a traditional formulaic language of synopsis required by literary agents and commercial publishers doesn‘t work for QG. The Quantum Work can’t be sold to them and it has no appeal to the mainstream reader just in the same way as Impressionism or Cubism had no appeal to the general viewer.”

My stories, "Victrola" and "To Bed, to Bed - Goodnight," also appear in They Had Goat Heads.