Average Quality Review of My Teaching

As I care a lot about my pedagogy and students -- hell yes, I check the ratings at RateMyProfessor.com. Generally they are sporadically posted by students at the Lake Campus, but today I discovered a new one for me. Mechanical errors and all, it reads:

"Guy is way to high on himself. Sent him an email asking a questions about a homework assignment last year and he respondid to my email with snide comments. Because he is an established writer, he expects you to be just as good as he is. Stay far far away."

I know who this student is -- I know who they all are. Apparently my review is of "average quality" because, according to the student, I possess clarity and I'm somewhat helpful, but I grade too hard. The alleged "snide comments" I made were in reference to a question he put to me about an assignment that he didn't want to do. He felt he knew the material and shouldn't have to waste valuable time following directions and completing requisite tasks. And when he learned that he would receive a failing grade for the assignment, he took the matter up with the Dean, who quickly dismissed him. The student dropped out of school shortly thereafter.

Where is RateMyStudents.com?