New Stories

My stories "Whale" and "Giraffe" currently appear online in The Black Boot. They will appear later this year in the print version of the magazine as well as in my upcoming collection They Had Goat Heads.

Another story of mine, "Houseguest," is in the latest issue of Theaker's Quarterly. This one will also be in Goat Heads.

And now I will disappear for awhile. Perhaps forever. I've recently promised myself to write less (much less) and only submit work to paying markets, save the odd academic journal, if only to put a nail in the coffin of my full professorship in a couple of years. I have no aspirations whatsoever to make my living as a writer. But I work hard on my otherworldly birdshit, and I'm getting older, and angrier, and will no longer give it away. So: as the Von Trapps say when they go to bed, "Fuck you all, goodnight."