Goat Heads Giveaway

Compliments of Atlatl Press, you can win a free copy of my upcoming fiction collection, They Had Goat Heads, between now and September 20 at Goodreads.com. Enter the contest with the click of a button here.

CFP for Extrapolation

Here is a current CFP for Extrapolation. Anybody interested in reviewing works of science fiction and/or fantasy criticism may contact me at david.wilson@wright.edu.

The Man Whose Head Expanded

If you don't like this, friends, I don't like you, friends ...

Guest Editorship: The Pedestal Magazine

I have edited a special issue of The Pedestal Magazine on Bizarro fiction. It went live today. Here's the lineup:

Steve Aylett. Logical Harm. Novel Excerpt.
Dawn Comer. Avocado. Flash Fiction.
Mykle Hansen. Please Do Not Rub the Clams. Flash Fiction.
Taik Hobson. Project Gryphon. Short Story.
John Edward Lawson. View from a Pedestal. Short Story.
Cameron Pierce. The Grown Family, Destroyed. Short Story.
Nick Kocz. Memo from Arachnid Productions. Novel Excerpt.

Thanks to all of these talented authors for their contribution. And thanks to John Amen for the opportunity to edit this issue. Fin.

American Library Association

This weekend, Friday (June 25) through Sunday (June 27), I will attend the American Library Association's annual convention in Washington, D.C. Mainly I'll be working the table (#4237) of my publishers, Raw Dog Screaming Press and Guide Dog Books, and I'm making an official "meet the author" appearance at 2-3 p.m. on Saturday (June 26). If you're in the area, drop by. This a giant convention teeming with publishers, editors, authors, etc. from all stretches of the writing and reading world. The address is:

Washington Convention Center
801 Mt. Vernon Place NW
Washington, D.C. 20001


I'm very excited to announce that, effective this Fall, I will be the new reviews editor for Extrapolation. Founded in 1959, Extrapolation is the longest running peer-reviewed academic journal to publish criticism of science fiction and fantasy. The first chapter of my book of SF criticism, Technologized Desire, originally appeared in the journal, and I've been writing reviews for it over the past three or four years, along with the other Big Cheeses in American SF/F criticism, Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts and Science Fiction Studies. Thanks to the editor-in-chief, Javier Martinez, for bringing me on board!

Learn more about SF/F criticism at the Science Fiction Research Association and the Science Fiction Hub.

Preorder Signed Copies of Goat Heads

They Had Goat Heads is now available for pre-order from Atlatl Press. All pre-orders received before August 25 will be signed by me. Click here for more info.

Press Kit for They Had Goat Heads

My latest fiction collection, They Had Goat Heads, has been beautifully cover-arted by the illustrious Brandon Duncan, who has illustrated the covers for several of my books and directed the award-winning short film The Cocktail Party, based on my short story of the same name in The Kafka Effekt. Mucho thanks to Brandon for another job well done. Here is a press kit for the book. Goat Heads will debut at Context 23 in Columbus this August, where I'll also be promoting my short novel Peckinpah: An Ultraviolent Romance.

Here is a reading of selections from Goat Heads I did in March at Backlist Books in Massillon, Ohio.

Digging for Adults

Lately things have been going well for my story "Digging for Adults," which originally appeared in Stranger on the Loose in 2003. Last week I sold the rights for an animated film adaptation, and today I learned the story will be translated into Japanese and published in Hayakawa's SF Magazine. Established in 1960, SF Magazine was Japan's first successful prozine and has published work by some of my favorite writers, among them J.G. Ballard, Brian Aldiss, Samuel R. Delaney, William Gibson, Bruce Sterling and Kurt Vonnegut.

Cops & Bodybuilders en Espanol

My story "Cops & Bodybuilders" has been translated into Spanish by Adolpho Villafuerte as PolicĂ­as y fisicoculturistas." Read it here. This story originally appeared in my fiction collection Stranger on the Loose.

New Stories

My stories "Whale" and "Giraffe" currently appear online in The Black Boot. They will appear later this year in the print version of the magazine as well as in my upcoming collection They Had Goat Heads.

Another story of mine, "Houseguest," is in the latest issue of Theaker's Quarterly. This one will also be in Goat Heads.

And now I will disappear for awhile. Perhaps forever. I've recently promised myself to write less (much less) and only submit work to paying markets, save the odd academic journal, if only to put a nail in the coffin of my full professorship in a couple of years. I have no aspirations whatsoever to make my living as a writer. But I work hard on my otherworldly birdshit, and I'm getting older, and angrier, and will no longer give it away. So: as the Von Trapps say when they go to bed, "Fuck you all, goodnight."

Tim Waggoner on Goat Heads

Interstitial horror author Tim Waggoner has written a Nietzsche-chic blurb for They Had Goat Heads:

"D. Harlan Wilson doesn't just gaze into the abyss. He dives headlong into it, pulling us with him and laughing maniacally all the way down."

Tim has published nearly twenty novels, most recently Nekropolis (Angry Robot 2009), as well as hundreds of essays and stories, many of which have received honorable mentions for The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror annual anthology, a powerhouse in the realm of speculative fiction. He's also an all-around righteous dude and I'm much obliged he saw fit to endorse Goat Heads. And he has a cool website: www.timwaggoner.com.