Rhys Hughes on Goat Heads

Welsh author and essayist Rhys Hughes has written a tres chic blurb for my upcoming fiction collection The Had Goat Heads.

"Funny, experimental, troubling, this brilliant collection of short stories proves conclusively that D. Harlan Wilson is a maverick author of genius. Some of his stories remind me of Barthelme: they are playful, rhythmic and utilise form in hilariously unexpected ways, and they are eminently quotable ("Conflict is an illusion without which apes and begonias would shrivel in the wind."). Other tales (for instance 'The Arrest') resemble early Calvino: absurd and light but also pithy and profound. But aside from these comparisons, Wilson is clearly a writer with his own distinctive voice. For years I have grumbled that there is too little quality fiction of this type. Wilson has persuaded me to shut my goddamn mouth."

I've been a fan of Hughes' writing for years. He's a master of the short story and the author of The Smell of Telescopes and A New Universal History of Infamy, among many others. Visit him at his blog The Spoons that Are My Ears!