Review of Technologized Desire in JFA

Amy Drees wrote a sharp review of my book of literary/cultural/sci-fi theory, Technologized Desire: Selfhood & the Body in Postcapitalist Science Fiction, in the latest issue (20.3) of Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts. Here's an excerpt:

"With or without choice, Wilson's technologized subjects explore the possibilities left them through 'science fiction texts [. . .] that can be read as technocultural phenomena as well as sources that read into the nature of technoculture." This is the fruitful outcome of Wilson's project—a series of deft and interesting analyses of the ways in which specific sf texts map the position of the technologized self within the postmodern world. . . . I would recommend the book highly to anyone interested in any of the texts under analysis and for those interested in postcapitalism or sf as a proscriptive genre. Although the level of theoretical engagement would makeTechnologized Desire a difficult text for all but the most advanced graduate students, I could easily see using it in the classroom as a model for graduate students on how to integrate multiple theories by multiple theorists into a persuasive argument."