Interview at Muzzleland Press

Recently Jonathan Raab at Muzzleland Press interviewed me about my cultography on They Live, my upcoming fiction collection Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 1, and other things. Read it here.

Extrapolation 56.2

The summer 2015 issue of Extrapolation is out and includes an excellent review of my cultography on John Carpenter's They Live, which was published by Columbia University Press earlier this year. Here's the conclusion:

"The book They Live reframes the film They Live through creative, persuasive critique. It makes an elegant case, time after time, for taking this film seriously, as well as cult cinema more broadly. Whereas this review highlights some outstanding features of the book, it has not mentioned the trove of invaluable details Wilson draws from Carpenter's biography and the divergent critics' reviews that have accreted to They Live over the past twenty-seven years."

The Theory of G

I have a new story, "The Theory of G," in the latest issue of The CafĂ© Irreal alongside some other great fiction. TCI has been one of my favorite magazines for a long time; I sold some of my first stories to the editors in the late 1990s. Another story of mine, "Giraffe," appears in their seminal anthology of fiction and nonfiction, The Irreal Reader (Guide Dog Books 2013).

Goodreads Giveaway #1

The Goodreads giveaway for an autographed copy of Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 1 has closed. The winner is P.J. Gaumond of Schenectady, New York. Your copy will be sent out next week. Thanks to everybody who entered. There will be another giveaway in August.

Three Plays

New Zealand novelist and playwright BE Turner has written a great endorsement for my upcoming book of plays, which will be published in 2016 by Black Scat Books.

“D. Harlan Wilson’s sharp edged drama has held a fractured mirror up to nature and converted safe reality into the dreamlike world of the irreal.”

Giveaway for Battle #1

The Goodreads giveaway for an autographed paperback copy of Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 1 is live. The giveaway runs until the end of the month. The book will make its official debut in October at Raw Dog Screaming Press's annual convention, DogCon IV, in Philadelphia.

Preorders for Battle #1

Preorders for Battle without Honor or Humanity: Volume 1 are now being taken by Raw Dog Screaming Press. The official publication date of the book is October 15, 2015.