Blurbage for Derek Pell

Here's my blurb for Derek Pell's upcoming novel:

“Derek Pell spins words like flaming yarn from a berserk spindle. Burroughs would be proud of this one . . . but Pell’s voice is entirely his own. Naked Lunch at Tiffany's is a true work of literature.”

Cover Reveal

Bradley Sharp has designed a superb cover for the first volume of my upcoming fiction collection Battle without Honor or Humanity. The book will be officially released by Raw Dog Screaming Press in September at DogCon 4. See more of Bradley's work at

Reader's Choice Award

The Biographizer Trilogy is on the docket for Raw Dog Screaming Press's Reader's Choice Award this year. Check out all of the titles in the running here and don't forget to vote.

Goodreads Giveaway for They Live

The Goodreads giveaway for my cultography on They Live (Columbia University Press 2015) is complete. The winner's autographed copy will be sent out today. Thanks to everybody who signed up.

Review of The Biographer Trilogy

Dean Swinford has written a nice review of The Biographizer Trilogy for Entropy Magazine. Verdict:

"Wilson offers more than a pessimistic takedown of contemporary publishing. Rather, The Biographizer Trilogy serves as a kind of analytical biography of independent publishing itself. One theme that Wilson returns to, particularly in the book 'about' Freud, is that writing itself is both a kind of repetition compulsion as well as an act that gives pleasure. In one place, Wilson tells us the work’s moral is that 'you are not special . . . [and] I am no exception.' In another, he justifies his trilogy by saying that 'It’s about me. Specifically, it’s about my experiences as a person.' The trilogy doesn’t resolve the opposition between these two statements. Rather, the tension between these two statements generates the trilogy. While we don’t actually learn much about these three exhausted historical figures, we learn something even more valuable: the ways that books are made and sold are sometimes more important than the stories they contain."

I Believe I Shall Not Die

My story "I Believe I Shall Not Die" appears in Issue #30 of Dark Discoveries. The issue also includes work from Cecilia Tan, Gary A. Braunbeck, Yvonne Navarro, Storm Constantine, John Everson, and many others. See the full table of contents here.

Arnzen on They Live

Four-time Bram Stoker Award-winner Michael A. Arnzen has this to say about my new cultography on They Live:

"A great study of a great film—it not only provides an array of historical contexts for understanding the film, but succeeds as an introduction to essential film theory as it relates to cult cinema and kitsch. Very different than Wilson's bizarro fiction, yet reading this book can help to understand the author's thinking about text and reveals his deep affinity for—and critical facility with—the power of counter cultural narratives. Recommended to anyone familiar with the film."

Arnzen is Professor of English and Chair of the Humanities at Seton Hill University. The 20th Anniversary Edition of his first novel, Grave Markingswhich won him his first Stoker, was recently reprinted by Raw Dog Screaming Press. Visit him at his official website Gorelets.